Our Happy Customers

  • My favorite, local sandwich place! The meat is so thick and tender you could get its juices flowing with just the lightest squeeze of the roll. Between the ample and nicely seaoned meat, and the toppings (fresh tomatoes, pickles, and parsley) it is everything you want in a sandwich. My choice is the Kabob-e Koobideh (skewer of ground beef), but I'd also suggest the sandwiches with chicken breast (if you prefer white meat), herb quiche (if you want vegetarian), or calf brain (if you're a zombie).

    Fair warning, though: There's no "lunch menu" and "dinner menu", and the portions - especially for the kebab plates (two skewers) - are definately big, dinner portions. So, come hungry. Very hungry. Even at lunchtime.

    As for the ambiance, Yekta is beautiful inside, with stone floors, brick columns, painted ceilings (two of them - the regular ceiling, and a drop, dome ceiling in the middle of the dining area), and a big chandelier - sadly, the massive banks of windows that make Yekta feel so open inside also keep you from forgetting that you're in a strip mall on Rockville Pike ("Rockville Pike Strip Mall", of course, is the opposite of "ambiance").

    Joel S.
    Rockville, MD
  • Act one: Scene one: Look at the grocery store. Rub store on it's side as if it's Aladdin's magic lamp. Stand back. The Yekta Kabobi is at your service. Great power...in a tiny, little package. You kinda do feel like you're in a really cool Persian tower.

    You are presented with raw onion, butter and very flat bread. Wasn't sure what it was for, but basically, it is used as condiments to your meal. But, found it to be a brilliant vehicle for our food.

    Starters: Salad Shirazi and Torsi (veg and garlic). The salad was a great mix of chopped cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and mint. The mint gave it a lovely vitality. The Torsi with veg reminded me more of a tempanade. The Garlic Torsi was incredible. The vinegar and spices cook the garlic much like citrus will cook fish in a ceviche. It has a wonderful rich flavor and is easily mashed with a fork. So, take the shirazi, both torsis grab the onion, butter and bread and have fun. It is an incredible mix.

    Also, ordered the Maghz, which is a poached season calf brain. Brain in of itself is a delicate organ and poaching it is a great way to maintain it's integrity and allows it's natural flavors to come out. It does have a mineral taste to it, but not too overpowering. the torso garlic adds a great creaminess to it. The vinegar does hide some of the brains flavor, but is a great dish. Normally, it is served as a sandwich in a baguette, but decided to do it open faced to get it's real flavor. Glad that I did.

    Main: Kababi Special which is the Angus beef and chicken kabobs. It is not Halal, but the beef and chicken was incredibly moist. After eating at many other kabob restaurants, this is by far one of the best in the area. Very light seasoning at best allowing the meat to really come out and be showcased. Once again using the bread with butter and onion made for great finger food. The rice with wonderful saffron coloring was also incredibly moist and tasteful. It was a great foundation for a luscious meal.

    Service was polite and friendly offering wonderful suggestions.

    Bar: They do serve wine and beer. Oddly enough, I was in the mood for Guinness which I found to be a great compliment to the meal.

    Atmosphere: Like being in Aladdin's lamp. It is a warm and inviting locale that is exotic and a great date night.

    Overall, if you're not an adventurous eater there is a lot to have, if you want to go outside your norm, you will not be disappointed I'm glad that I finally had the chance to come here and will be happy to come back again.

    Final act: Realize that you're been rubbing more than Aladdin's lamp. You have just become a rotund Buddha rubbing your belly for luck and out of sheer joy of your meal. Grab your check, tip well, leave and bow....
    End scene.

    Trevor M.
    Rockville, MD
  • Yekta is a bit hidden from the more popular places such as Timpano's or Cheesecake Factory.. but it definitely is up there as one of the best places to eat out on the Pike. Everything is good, from the lamb to the beef.. but go here for the Chicken Kabobs and you will not regret it! They are the best of the best I have ever had and I always wonder how they make it every time I come here. My friend even asked our waitress how they make the chicken so moist.. she replied a ohsocliche response.. "If I told you, I would have to kill you." His genius response was.. "It might well be worth it!"

    Restaurant has pretty high-end looking interior decor.. can definitely bring a date here if you are in the mood for some delicious middle eastern food. Can't go wrong w/ much of the dishes, but it'll be a mistake to not order the Chicken as I have already mentioned. You won't leave this hungry and I would highly recommend it.. it will not be a disappointment!

    James P.
    Bethesda, MD
  • Very good! Attentive service, and very flexible options - if you want to mix up the meats on the platters (for example, want to substitute lamb for barg), it's no problem. Two recommendations: try the pomegranate wine. I was expecting something very sweet, but it's closer to a port in sweetness and served cold. It's really good. Also the saffron ice cream was a treat.

    Jeff R.
    Rockville, MD
  • I took two friends here who were visiting here from Montreal. I told them it's not really fancy or expensive, but it's good persian food. As we got in, they tell me, "this isn't fancy to you!? I wanna see what's fancy to you." We had a good laugh about it, as I was trying to explain to them that the times I had come before taking them to this place, the place was completely different. Apparently they had remodeled their restaurant, and it looks really nice now; great environment.

    As for the food, the kubideh was tender and juicy. It was cooked just to the right amount, and very delicious. The chicken kabob was also tender, and very delicious. Chicken kabob can be tricky, and if it's overcooked, you'll see lots of burnt marks on it. The rice portion was very large, and decorated with Saffron on top. I love saffron infused with the rice.

    If you want to try a persian drink there, I would recommend "doogh" but I have to warn that most may not like it; it's an acquired taste. It's essentially a carbonated yogurt drink. You can always buy it at persian supermarkets as well. As for dessert we also got the sorbet or "Faloodeh", which is essentially vermicelli noodles frozen with ice, and added rose syrup to it. This also takes an acquired taste as some may not like it.

    Overall, I give this place a 4.5 stars, and would recommend this place to everyone (over moby dick). The only reason it's not a 5 stars in my book is because my parent's home cooked kabobs are still better.

    Sina E.
    Rockville, MD

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  • Baghali Polow Mahicheh

    Baghali Polow Mahicheh

    Fava bean and dill rice served with lamb shank$15

  • Sabzi Polow Mahi

    Sabzi Polow Mahi

    Fresh herb rice served with grilled salmon and kookoo sabzi$22

  • Zehershk Polow

    Zehershk Polow

    Poached half a cornish hen served with a barrberry rice.$14

A Happy Customer

  • Act one: Scene one: Look at the grocery store. Rub store on it's side as if it's Aladdin's magic lamp. Stand back. The Yekta Kabobi is at your service. Great power...in a tiny, little package. You kinda do feel like you're in a...

    Trevor M.
    Rockville, MD
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