Yekta Supermarket

Supermarket. The finest delicacies including grape leaves, falafel, sesame paste and international variety of meats, nuts, and cheeses are stocked for your dinning pleasure. Yekta offers a little bit of the world right here in Rockville.


Hours of Operation

Sun 11:00AM-6:00PM

Mon-Sat 10:00AM-9:00PM

Tel: 301-984-1190



Ask about our daily specials

  • Baghali Polow Mahicheh

    Baghali Polow Mahicheh

    Fava bean and dill rice served with lamb shank$15

  • Sabzi Polow Mahi

    Sabzi Polow Mahi

    Fresh herb rice served with grilled salmon and kookoo sabzi$22

  • Zehershk Polow

    Zehershk Polow

    Poached half a cornish hen served with a barrberry rice.$14

A Happy Customer

  • Act one: Scene one: Look at the grocery store. Rub store on it's side as if it's Aladdin's magic lamp. Stand back. The Yekta Kabobi is at your service. Great a tiny, little package. You kinda do feel like you're in a...

    Trevor M.
    Rockville, MD
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